The lightning network provides a step function improvement to the experience of settling value between two parties. Whether it be between two individuals, an individual and a company, or two companies the lightning network is providing instant settlement assurances that did not exist before the network was launched. Jose Lemus and the team at IBEX are building enterprise solutions that will enable the world's largest companies to implement the lightning network into their businesses.

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5:30 - Bitcoin Park riffing
7:37 - What’s up at Ibex?
22:24 - Impact of instant settlement
26:21 - Lightning Network, AI, Internet of Things
34:07 - What’s taking adoption so long?
36:49 - Bitcoin’s unique combination of properties
45:57 - Burden of compliance
49:45 - Fiat is the money of force
52:44 - KYC is the illicit activity
1:02:38 - Mexico partnership
1:03:44 - The purpose of financial products
1:12:36 - Bitcoin is a tween
1:17:30 - Don’t get distracted by bull markets
1:29:14 - Marty’s excited about energy and AI
1:35:36 - Wrapping up