As humanity continues to transition into the Digital Age there is a rising tide of noise distracting the populace from solutions to systemic problems with money, politics, and the distribution of information. At TFTC, we aim to provide the world a media company that fights against the noise and brings the populace out from the fog created by the mass psychosis that has gripped the world. To do this we are ensuring that our content is as censorship resistant as possible. This means leveraging more decentralized content distribution mediums and injecting Bitcoin into everything we do. By 2030 we’ll look back and say that TFTC changed the way content is distributed and monetized.

Marty's Ƀent

Marty's Ƀent is a daily newsletter with over 1,000 issues highlighting signal in Bitcoin with some musings on macroeconomics and Liberty in the Digital Age. Since June 2017, Marty has leveraged his daily immersion in the Bitcoin space to bring readers the latest knowledge and insight they need to navigate and understand the changing monetary landscape.

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TFTC Podcast

What is up freaks? Started in 2017, the TFTC podcast is an independent production with over 300 episodes exploring Bitcoin from all angles.

Marty regularly sits down with interesting people working in and around the Bitcoin space to discuss anything and everything related to the accelerating world we live in. Marty and his guests cover a wide range of topics including technical Bitcoin development, economics, Liberty, and - honestly - anything else they find interesting.

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