There is a lot of buzz about the BlackRock Bitcoin ETF since they filed with the SEC a couple of weeks ago. Will it get approved? How will it work? Will BlackRock rehypothecate? Who will be able to take bitcoin in-kind? Townsend Lansing, the Head of Product at CoinShares, joins the show to answer all of these questions and more. The hype in the market is loud right now, but Townsend seems to think people may be getting their hopes up.







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0:00 - Intro
8:40 - Inflation hitting the UK
11:07 - Introducing Townsend, Blackrock ETF
19:10 - SEC approval
25:23 - APA
26:46 - How Bitcoin market could be affected
29:28 - People becoming aware of crypto risk
31:23 - How the grantor trust works
35:50 - ETF liquidity
42:12 - Bitcoin’s better security
45:30 - Will bitcoin financial products be treated differently?
48:05 - Approval is unlikely
49:52 - Bitcoin’s impact on finance
51:13 - Wrapping up