Dr. Sabine Hazan is a domain expert on gut bacteria that make up the microbiome within humans. In this episode Marty and Dr. Hazan discuss the effects that COVID and the COVID vaccine have on bifidobacterium living in people's guts and how it has affected their immune systems. Beyond this, the discussion delves into the topic of "medical misinformation" over the last three years and the importance of doctors to stand up for what they know to be right.






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0:00 Intro, boostagrams, sponsors

6:31 - Broad explanation of microbiomes
11:11 - Observations during Covid
17:17 - Jabs kill microbiome
21:16 - Trusting compliant messengers over dissonant doctors
28:47 - Humanity medically shot itself in the foot
31:13 - How to regrow (and technical hiccups)
33:14 - Freedom and truth
40:06 - Keeping your body healthy
46:43 - Wrapping up, plugs


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