Cash App has been the #1 App in the Finance section of the App Store for the last two years. The first P2P payments app to allow freaks everywhere to buy and sell BTC, Cash App has expanded their Bitcoin capabilities and now allows users to deposit BTC on the app. On top of this, Cash has the Boost Program, which allows users to save money when spending at merchants like Whole Foods, Taco Bell, DoorDash, local coffee shops, among many others.

Use the promo code "stackingsats" when you download the app and receive $5 and Square will donate $5 to our partner charity, OWLS Lacrosse. Click here and download today if you haven't already. What are you waiting for?!

Unchained Capital was founded by people who believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world but only if they're useful. They set out to build financial products for long-term crypto-investors to get more value from their assets today and in the future. Their products range from BTC collateralized USD loans to multisig solutions for individuals and businesses alike.

Learn more about Unchained's loan and vault services here.

No KYC.  No altcoins.  No % fees on your BTC.  No one standing between you and your keys.

Message Casa at for a free demo, or put them to the test with your hardest OpSec questions! And when you’re ready, use promo code “TFTC” for up to $250 off your Casa membership.

All memberships come with a full set of hardware wallets for your multisig + the Casa Node + Faraday Bags + early access to all future Casa products.  For serious HODLers, Diamond + Platinum memberships net you 24/7 VIP service, dedicated Client Advisor, and custom onboarding plan.