Thought of the week from Marty Bent:
Our detractors don’t seem to be able to think from first principles or put forth coherent counter arguments.

Thought of the week from Matt Odell:
We are going to squeeze them all. It is going to be the most fucking crazy thing that anyone has ever seen in their lives. It is going to be ridiculous and we are all going to do it together.





Rabbit Hole Recap - Thursday

Citadel Dispatch - Tuesday

Matt Corallo

  • The history of SegWit2x
  • How SegWit actually got activated
  • BIP 148
  • BIP 91
  • Preventing a split
  • Fork futures
  • Lessons learned
  • UASF as a nuclear option
  • Taproot activation
  • BIP 8 (True/False)
  • Why precedents matter
  • LDK update

Lamar Wilson

  • Black Bitcoin Billionaires club on Clubhouse
  • Marketing bitcoin
  • Empowering individuals with bitcoin
  • Bringing back strong families
  • Getting people off zero on their way to becoming satoshi millionaires

Wringing of the Rag