Ryan MacLeod is a laboratory technologist at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. He joins the show to clear the air on the misconceptions around nuclear energy, it's potential, and the state of the industry today. If humans are going to flourish moving forward, nuclear energy is going to need to proliferate across the world.

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6:12 - Riffing
7:46 - Texas demand scare
13:57 - Best source for stable energy
20:11 - Reputation of nuclear power
31:39 - If the end were nigh, we’d need nuclear
33:40 - Cost of capital and SMRs
36:53 - SMR and mining impact on grids
41:05- Bitcoin can ease problems with nuclear
44:37 - Nuclear looking good
53:15 - Germany’s idiotic policies
55:09 - Uranium supply
58:01 - Nuclear future
1:02:01 - Does the nuclear industry recognize Bitcoin?
1:07:09 - Wrapping up