Matthew Mežinskis is back on to discuss his Q2 2023 monetary base update, why demand for physical cash will make it so a CBDC never succeeds, how bad the national debt situation is in the US, how bitcoin could suffer the same fate as gold did post-Bretton Woods, and how bitcoin could wildly succeed and avoid government capture.

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6:05 - eNaira and CBDCs
26:08 - Top 5 currencies
32:30 - Compound annual growth rate
36:06 - FHLB exposure
42:27 - Inflation is impacting people
45:08 - Bitcoin chart
56:49 - Scandinavian physical currency
59:17 - US federal debt
1:15:08 - Canary in the coal mine
1:23:30 - Nations using Bitcoin and BRICS gold
1:40:02 - Optimal outcome