Lyle Pratt and his team at Vida are bringing the power of the lightning network to the SIP protocol to improve payments and reduce fraud across the telecommunications industry. Learn about the intersection of bitcoin, Nostr, AI and telecommunications from Lyle's perspective, which comes with a lot of experience.







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12:48 - What’s Vida?
16:56 - Lyle’s history
20:51 - Telecom architecture and using bitcoin to solve problems
27:57 - New tools like AI, Nostr, and LN
32:30 - Current state of lightning
33:46 - Vida demo with some difficulties
35:45 - Monetizing your attention
37:41 - The Vida team
44:56 - Vida can be a better Restream
50:44 - Lightning adoption is a bright light in a dark future
1:01:12 - Future Nostr integration
1:05:28 - Leveraging AI
1:10:29 - Explaining LLMs
1:16:46 - Living in interesting times
1:27:20 - Resource demands of AI
1:31:03 - Thank God For Bitcoin
1:36:31 - Wrapping up