Peter St Onge joins the show to breakdown the problems in the banking sector, fed policy, and the debt ceiling crisis from a first principles perspective. Central planning throughout every aspect of our economy has led to severe dislocations that have put the United States in a precarious position. Even though things may seem bleak, Peter is optimistic that the American economy can get back on the right track once confidence in central planners has collapsed and along with that confidence their control over the systemically important sectors of our economy.

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9:27 - Starting with Modern Monetary Theory
14:54 - Fed policy heading off a cliff
24:39 - Approaching the debt ceiling and unemployment
33:28 - A whitepilled take on imminent collapse
39:57 - They pushed too far too early
44:53 - Hidden purpose behind the lies
55:45 - What happens without the state
59:43 - What the state has devoured and destroyed
1:09:29 - BS Environment policy and cronyism
1:14:45 - Bitcoin adoption and the convolution if banks
1:26:00 - Full/fractional reserve banking
1:35:48 - When will the US default?
1:42:44 - Energy nonsense and mocking the rulers
1:55:28 - Wrapping up