Michael Koss and Dr. Joel Wallskog are on a mission to bring a voice to those that have been injured by the COVID-19 shots via their organization React19. Due to the fact that the vaccine rollout and mandates have been highly politicized, those who have been injured by the shots have been marginalized by both sides of the aisle with the right calling them "stupid" and the left calling them "anti-vaxxers". Michael and Joel hope to break through this partisanship to drive an open and transparent conversation about the ethics of lockdowns, mandates and their lingering effects that brings the conversation back to a point of compassion.

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The Dartmouth Roundtable Event







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9:47 - Michael's background - Dartmouth roundtable
18:30 - Joel's background - React19
27:34 - Politicization of the jab
29:25 - Doubling down on bad decisions
32:13 - Justice for crimes against humanity
35:29 - Regulators' lost credibility
42:15 - Incompetence or malice?
49:47 - Fixing incentives
56:55 - Bringing it back to bitcoin
1:03:50 - Speaking to the silent majority
1:12:17 - Wrapping up