There are people out there who would like to buy bitcoin in size but choose not to because they are not comfortable with the counter-party risk that exists on the market today. Investors are forced to choose between parking their bitcoin on an exchange that can be hacked, holding their own keys, or getting exposure via other assets like GBTC, mining stocks, or other equities. Enter, OnRamp; a new way to get exposure to bitcoin via a trust structure that leverages multi-party custody so that you can get direct exposure to bitcoin with the option to take delivery of it in the future when you are prepared to hold your own keys. Michael Tanguma and Jesse Meyers explain why they launched OnRamp.

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0:00 - Intro
5:26 - Marty's chair is stolen
7:11 - OnRamp's use case and problems to solve
14:28 - Legal structure of OnRamp
19:30 - Difficulty in educating on self custody
31:10 - Decentralized control
41:55 - How will OnRamp's launch impact the market?
51:59 - The adoption curve
55:01 - Qualified custodians vs collaborative custody
1:00:36 - A new industry model
1:10:16 - OnRamp's educational mission
1:20:20 - OnRamp's content platform and new podcast
1:26:27 - Plugs