Kelly Lannan is a real estate developer with a passion for urban landscape design. He is the founder of Bitcoin Urbanism, a newsletter that explores the impact of bitcoin on human action in the built environment. In this rip Marty and Kelly take a deep dive on the current state of the real estate market, how the Fed is perturbing the pricing signals throughout the market, how much infrastructure maintanence debt has been accrued across the US, how things may change, and how bitcoin may play a role.

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o:oo Intro, boostagrams, sponsors

9:55  - Riffing on infrastructure

17:18 - Current condition of real estate

22:43 - Marty asks question, are we in the eye of the storm?

27:04 - New home buyers are screwed

32:44 - Stopping the cycle with bitcoin

35:51 - Inflation is real, believe your lying eyes

45:42 - Debt slavery

49:03 - No man's land

50:46 - Hyperinflation looks near

56:57 - Diverting attention

1:01:18 - Bitcoin Urbanism

1:13:59 - Real estate is a shitcoin

1:16:14 - Strong Towns

1:19:08 - 15 Minute Cities

1:30:06 - The state of digital tech masks how bad it is

1:38:08 - California's decline

1:45:19 - Bitcoin fixes this

1:51:26 - Building on bitcoin

1:56:22 - Bullish vibes, plugs, wrapping up