Bitcoin mining may seem trivial. You buys some machines, plug them in, and start having sats streamed to your pool account. In reality, bitcoin mining, if done in a way that optimizes for peak efficiency and profitability, is an extremely hard engineering problem to solve. It involves understanding software, firmware, heat density, physics, electrical engineering, HVAC systems, power generation, remote control systems, and much more. Rete Browning and Isaac Fithian are two engineers who have been hacking away at bitcoin mining operations for five years. As part of the orignal team at Great American Mining they were tasked with designing and deploying off-grid mining containers that could be controlled from hundreds of miles away. Today, they are the engineering brains behind Cathedra Bitcoin and have done some incredible work around farm optimization via underclocking. This is a very dense rip that will help you better understand what it takes to mine bitcoin successfully.

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0:00 Intro and Sponsors

7:38 - Great American Mining: Origins
18:24 - The state of off grid mining
22:17 - Designing for diverse domains
24:01 - Deadly details
31:09 - Pioneer challenges
34:57 - Applying bitcoin and mining everywhere
39:52 - Cathedra research on over/underclocking
48:29 - How heat affects chips
53:34 - Finding the sweet spot
56:47 - The future of mining and energy
1:12:55 - Changing the ASIC market
1:19:40 - Bullish vibes, creating an engineering renaissance
1:31:27 - Wrapping up