Aleks Svetski is the founder of the Bitcoin Times, an annual publication that aims to fill the world with timeless content about Bitcoin and its importance in the world. In this rip Marty and Aleks delve into the cons of nomadic living, what true friendship actually means, the tennets of warrior cultures, and how bitcoin manifests the ideals of Austrian economics.






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0:00 Intro, sponsors

5:22 - The time for wandering is over
8:08 - Defining friendship
12:06 - The bonds of warrior cultures
15:29 - Bushido of Bitcoin
17:58 - The impact of schooling
23:11 - Quality over quantity, the value of restraint
30:13 - Moral corruption
40:35 - The Bitcoin Times vol. 5: The Austrian Edition
48:47 - Next edition: Energy
54:40 - Climate LARPing and "sustainable" energy
1:05:53 - Order and entropy
1:08:24 - The Twitter hazard
1:10:51 - Narrowing focus
1:16:33 - How to sell running a node
1:23:52 - Plugs


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