Our good friend Arbedout is back on Twitter dot com, making fire threads filled with nuggets of wisdom leveraging the many lessons humanity has learned throughout history, particularly pertaining to money and the role of the State. Definitely go check out the rest of the thread when you get a chance today.

The first two snippets in this thread stuck out to me, as the first highlights the importance of a free market for currencies and the second succinctly illustrates the forces and incentives that led to the entanglement of commerce, the State, war, and banking. There are always conflicting forces battling it out in the wild that we should be aware of and vigilant of proactively trying to make sure there is a balance in these competing forces, lest we allow tyranny to take over.

I would argue that complacency reigns supreme these days as people have become distracted by the hyper-real provided by a society driven by conspicuous consumption and clout chasing. To me, Bitcoin provides many things in one. Specifically, it has forced people to think about complex, yet important, topics like money and privacy. Providing a common mission to act to move the balance of power back to a state of relative equilibrium via the enablement of a truly sovereign, accessible, uncensorable, money. The likes of which the world has never seen.

We will never be able to convince people that Bitcoin is money, they must first become curious about money and how Bitcoin compares to the other forms of money that exist on the market today. Only from there can they take the personal journey towards understanding needed to view Bitcoin as money. This thread is a good way to incite some curiosity IMO.    

Final thought...

This is the best time of year for lacrosse. Not too cold. Not too hot. Great time of year to run around ripping nylon.