or you may wake up one day to find that we slipped up with Bitcoin the way our ancestors did with gold. Freedom and Liberty come with the cost of neverending vigilance and our forefathers got complacent while the Gold Standard reigned supreme, allowing FDR to confiscate their wealth and centralize it in vaults. Effectively neutering the geographic decentralization of the gold supply, allowing the government to issue gold notes that overrepresented the amount of gold they held in reserves, eventually printing so many notes that the gold note market became completely disconnected from reality, and pushing us towards the world of unfettered monetary experiments which have led to a massive wealth divide.  

We would be naive to think that the State won't try to bastardize the Bitcoin Standard in the same way. Always vigilant! Onwards!

Final thought...

Nothing like 5 old fashions and an overall qual conversation.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.