Still swept up in the currents of holiday travel and family ping pong, so this is a short but sweet rag. Lisa Neigut from Blockstream and other Houston bitcoiners hosted a hackathon that produced some pretty cool proofs of concept. If you click through the thread above you'll find a bunch of YouTube videos of smart people presenting the cool things they started building on Bitcoin.

The projects ranged from a Super Smash Bros inspired betting platform that would allow players to bet sats that get paid out (somewhat) immediately after completion of a game or tournament, a way to securely bootstrap Lightning Joule (a lightning wallet browser extension), a chat app, a private key security checking app, a pull-payment solution for Lightning, and an RPC endpoint for c-lightning.

A wide range of applications and tools that could bring more utility, accessibility, and security to users using the Lightning Network. A very beautiful thing to see. Take some time to watch the YouTube videos from the hackathon if you're interested in learning more about these ideas. Shoutout to Lisa and the other Houston bitcoiners that put together this event and those who sponsored it.  

The future is bright

Final thought...

I'm ready to get back to my bed.