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Issue #671: This is what Bitcoin is about

Issue #671: This is what Bitcoin is about

Feb 11, 2020
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #671: This is what Bitcoin is about

We are barreling full speed towards a futuristic hellscape controlled by a select few. A select few who want to tell you when you can and cannot spend your money. A select few that has the ability to destroy your purchasing power slowly over time by printing money out of thin air.

The select few want to control you. They want you to act in the ways that they want you to act. Denying you any agency over your own life. Taking your human nature and mechanizing it for their benefit. Preventing you from standing up to systemic injustices.

Money is arguably the most important tool in the world. Ceding control of this tool to the State and the global central banking system is ceding control over your life.

It’s really pretty simple. If we want to ensure Liberty in the Digital Age we need to pry the control of money from the hands of the government. Bitcoin allows us to do this.

Are there enough strong willed men out there to fight this imperative fight? I sure hope so.

Final thought...

Been a while since I wrote a rag on my phone.


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