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Issue #419: Why do we put up with this?

Feb 13, 2019
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #419: Why do we put up with this?


Again, why do we put up with this? The theme around this rag and on TFTC for the last couple months has been our slow detachment from reality as a society and these two headlines juxtaposed against each other really drives this point home. At a time when our national debt is spiraling out of control, the untethered military industrial complex is using our tax dollars to pay 483x the going price for TUBES OF SKIN CREAM. We live in the time of Peak Waste and I don't know about you freaks, but I'm pretty fed up.

You work your ass off to have almost half your paycheck taken so the government can turn around and completely spit in your face by paying an exorbitant amount of money for some face cream. Fucking insulting. Again, why do we put up with this? Seems like it's high time to find a way to curtail this waste.

Seems like we may need an asset that can't be indiscriminately confiscated by the government via the banking system. An asset that gives the citizenry some bargaining leverage when Uncle Sam comes begging with the tax bill. This is part of the reason why we Bitcoin, freaks.

This is dope

What your looking at is our boy NVK sending a Bitcoin transaction to Sam Patterson via ham radio waves. Possibly the first transaction of its kind. (Pretty sure it is, not positive though.) Another example of the potential robustness of the Bitcoin network. It has now been proven that you can relay transactions via the Internet, mesh networks, satellites, and ham radio waves. And people will try to tell you that Bitcoin isn't innovating.

What's even cooler is that Adam Curry, the Godfather of podcasting, ex MTV News host and apparent ham radio enthusiast, is going to test out receiving a transaction from NVK in this fashion. Incredible to see.

Slowly, but surely Bitcoin continues to creep further and further into the psyche of the masses.

Final thought...

One time, while living in South Carolina, I slid down a slide into a fire ant hill. Traumatizing experience.


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