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Issue #1162: Are the negative externalities worth it?

Issue #1162: Are the negative externalities worth it?

Feb 12, 2022
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1162: Are the negative externalities worth it?

The hubris of man is one hell of a marvel to observe. There are billions of men and women on this Earth and, despite the fact that most of us are completely oblivious to the fact, we are all a part of nature. For some reason or another, probably due to the fact that we are able to do incredible things like type on a computer and broadcast messages out to other humans around the world (among other similar things), we forget this fact. The ability to do incredible things has the mass of men believing that we are separate from nature. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While we are certainly able to manipulate our world in ways that allow us to thrive and separate ourselves from other creatures on this planet, this fact does not make us immune to the laws of nature. Whether we like it or not or realize it or not, we are still subject to the complex and emergent laws of nature.

Nothing makes this more clear than the negative externalities that have materialized as a result of the attempt to use top-down control to micromanage a response to a novel coronavirus. The "expert"-driven attempt to eradicate an invisible virus in a timely manner has led to material consequences that have resulted in completely unnecessary early deaths and physical and psychological damage to many children throughout the world, which should make those who cheered the advice of the "experts" with glee deeply ashamed of themselves.

Hopefully there are enough true adults out there who are willing and able to reflect on the folly of the cowardly response in an earnest fashion so that anything like it can be avoided in the future. The negative externalities have far outweighed the benefits, which don't seem to have materialized as many had wished.

Final thought...

Smoked wings on the Traeger are better than any wings you'll get outside of that Traeger.

Enjoy your weekend, freaks.


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