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Issue #1121: An interesting comparison

Issue #1121: An interesting comparison

Nov 30, 2021
Marty's Ƀent

Issue #1121: An interesting comparison

Here's an interesting way to measure Bitcoin's success against other assets over the years; comparing its return relative to the expansion of the M2 money supply in the US versus other assets like stocks, tech focused ETFs, and gold. As you can see from the tweets above from Dr. Jeff Ross, bitcoin has significantly outperformed these assets by many orders of magnitude since inception. If you are interested in more recent comparisons that cut out a few of the early bitcoin bubbles, it has still produced ~5,000% returns using this comparison, outperforming the NASDAQ 100 tech index by almost 50x.

These are extremely impressive comparative returns that highlight bitcoin's superior qualities when bench marked against other assets that many use as an inflation hedge. It will be interesting to see if this out-performance continues into the future. Your Uncle Marty is under the impression that this trend will continue as central banks continue to expand their monetary bases at record paces, as governments become increasingly tyrannical and attempt to leverage the financial and payments systems to control what they deem to be subjects, and as more individuals begin to question the essence of money as they continue to lose purchasing power in their daily lives.

On top of this, the Lightning Network is beginning to get to a point where the talent building on it is bringing very unique products with utility that is specific to the nature of the protocol to market. I will not be surprised if we begin to see mainstream Lightning apps in 2022 this utility begins to be demanded by the market. With the powers that be seemingly set on increasing censordhip on popular social media platforms moving forward - specifically Twitter now that Jack Dorsey isn't at the helm to hold back the censorious hordes - there will be a lot of free thinkers looking for censorship resistant solutions to create and consume content. I think we may see these solutions built on the BNP/LP stack. If this does come to fruition, there is a lot more value that will flow into the network to access those use cases.

I am cautiously optimistic for 2022 and the market reacting aggressively to increased clamp downs on civil liberties.

Final thought...

Mosquitoes in late November should be illegal.


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